Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Let Them Go Sweden

“We want the world to know they did no wrong and do not deserve to be detained for loving their children,” said families of Azizul Abdul Raheem and his wife Shalwati Norshal as to why they set up this blog.

They argued that parents who truly love their children would exercise some form of discipline on their children so that they grow up knowing the difference between good and bad.

In this case, Azizul and Shalwati are no different. While they discipline their children, they did not subscribe to inflicting severe corporal punishment on them. They never did. They love their children too much.

Hence, the families of both Azizul and Shalwati felt most hurt when the word “alleged abuse” was used by the media to describe why the couple was detained by the Swedish police over a month now.

They were a happy family, were often seen travelling together, collecting berries in the woods during the summer weekends.  They love to travel across Europe and the families here were often showered with pictures of their trips.

When they came home for holidays in Malaysia, the scenes at the grandmother’s house were often chaotic. Everyday were full of laughter, screams and games. Barbeque and karaoke were a must. Parents and children took turn on the microphones singing their heart out.

Certainly, these are not signs of tyrannical parents out to abuse their children.

Indeed the messages put up by the children in their Facebook lately clearly show how much they missed their parents.  Why would the children be missing their parents, if the were tyrants.


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