Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shalwati's letter to her children, family and friends

STOCKHOLM, Mac 22 2014

Assalamualikum WBT, kids, family and friends...

I learnt something from an inmate during my promanade (walk) today. I hardly join the other inmates because nearly everybody smoke. So today after all my wirids are done and I saw them (there are two groups here 1. Swedes all five of them 2. Foreigners - 8 of them - Bolivians, Spainards, Polish and Romainians. I usually join the Swedes for breakfast and the Spainards (3 of them) during gym time.)
No longer berasap/smoking, I went and sat with them. One of the Polish was sharing her cerita. Here I will cuba tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

  Dia di halau emak pada usia 15 tahun. Ibu dah tak betul/sasau sebab ayah dia (suami) bunuh diri. Jadi dia hidup merempat. Asalnya dia mahu jadi seorang doktor tapi harapan itu berkecai. Dia malu dan tidak mempunyai tempat tinggal. And again because she was shocked to be homeless and without duit, dia tinggal dan tidur di kaki lima tempat orang parking basikal. So her life changed. She had to survive. This part I missed as she must have shared her stories earlier so I don't know did to survive. But basically you can teka apa di buat untuk hidup. Jual diri dia, mencuri atau berkerja. Dia masuk penjara seawal 17 tahun and katanya sebab dia dibuang keluarga sewaktu kanak kanak lagi dia ingin mempunyai keluarga sendiri so that she be loved. Jadi dia kahwin awal. Namun suaminya yang dia nggap keluarga hurt her more. Dia tak share this part tapi katanya he forced her to do things. This leaves to my/your imagination. :((

At times she said when she see her insane mother she forgave her (I think there is nothing to forgive here because the mother is mentally unstable) and will always love her.

A spainard mencelah and said this story made her appreciate her family more. Everybody were teary-eyed.

Life is hard for others. You kids should be thankful for you have a roof to call home and family who loved you. Appreciate and be thankful for every single things you have. When you crave for something that is beyond your reac, because mummy and daddy refused to give it you. Think of others who have less than what you have.

I am thankful Allah gives me this opportunity to see "others" though many times I cry because I miss all at home. This make me value life more. Alhamdullilah, I am still alive and able to breathe in Allah's fresh air.

You kids are given opportunities that many are not getting them: special attention from our family - Aunty Sally, Uncle Farid, Aunt La, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bud etc, from the schools, special teachers to look after your education and support from the Government. So make use of these. Please study hard so you will be a successful Muslim and help others in need.

  Will write again. Insyallah. May Allah bless, protect and nuture you kids. I love you kids and thank you all for the endless support you  have given to us.

 Love Shal/Mummy